Carl Toms´ book - a new stage of hatred towards Michael Jackson!

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I’ve always wondered why the UK press was so relentless in their harassment of Michael Jackson though all accusations against him were never corroborated by any evidence and he was fully acquitted of all possible and impossible charges of child ‘molestation’.


While looking for information on Thomas O’Carroll (aka Carl Tom) – the man who suddenly became the talk of the Internet as the author of an awful book about Michael Jackson – I’ve come across a wealth of documents showing that at exactly the same time when Michael was trashed by the British tabloid media they were covering up for REAL pedophiles in Britain who were not only involved in their ‘activities’ but were pressuring their cause through Thomas O’Carroll (among other pedophile activists) to become legally accepted in the British society.

It seems that they needed to trash an innocent guy to divert public attention from a big group of powerful pedophiles who permeated the British establishment even up to the government offices AND simultaneously prepare ground for their triamphant emergence on an ‘official’ level – which is actually the cause Thomas O’Carroll has been championing for years. This guy was one of the founders of the paedophile movement and if you come to think of it, he was indeed miraculously given numerous chances for propagating his ideas on a really big scale.

To name only a few: in 1981 he successfully published his ‘academic’ study of paedophilia called “Paedophilia: Radical Case”. In 2000 he was invited to the annual meeting in Paris of the International Academy of Sex Research by sexologist Richard Green who included O’Carroll’s book as recommended reading for his criminology students at Cambridge University. In 2003 Thomas O’Carroll was a panellist in the TV discussion programme After Dark, chaired by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC. Today he is publishing a new opus – a book about Michael Jackson whom they are now trying to use as a ‘poster boy’ for popularizing their cause and who, had he been alive, would have been apalled to learn that they are throwing in his name to support and legalize child abuse as an accepted norm of behavior – something which was simply unthinkable for Michael Jackson

Please note that I myself am not an advocate of any conspiracy theories. It is just the facts found which I am truly surprised to see but which do explain a couple of strange things going on now if they are really true.

Below is a top serious and well-documented material on the “Loch Ness Monster” – the Scottish paedophile nexus, as well as other cases of child abuse in Britain.
If this information is true (and I see no reason to doubt that it is) it is clear now why various anti-pedophile groups have been fighting a losing battle against Thomas O’Carroll and his books being published and sold by the UK

Some quotes from those materials:

The ‘Magic circle’ in Scotland is a description that some Scottish citizens assert applies to a collective ring of purported establishment individuals who have engaged in sexual deviations, homosexual practices and paedophilia.

Twinned with this assertion, there is an overall contention by these same Scottish citizens that there was/is a conspiracy by these purported establishment figures that in order to foster and further their depraved ends they pervert the course of justice.

In Scotland the level of accusations rose to a fever pitch in the late eighties early nineties (NB: please note the time of the events described). Thus Lord Nimmo Smith was commissioned as a joint author of the Report on an Inquiry into an Allegation of a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice in Scotland (1993).

Let us begin in the 1970’s – a time of radical social ferment – where there emerged in Scotland an organisation called PIE.

This stood for the Paedophile Information Exchange

It was officially extant from 1974-82/84 ( dates vary ) , emerging as a special interest group within The Scottish Minorities Group (SMG) – a gay rights organisation founded in Glasgow in 1969. Leading figures included Tom O’Carrol, Michael Hanson , Ian Campbell Dunn, Keith Hose, Warren Middleton, Steven Adrian Smith & David Joy.

Its activities could be summarised as internal networking within the paedo “community”, publishing magazines with sociological & psychological justifications for their behaviour , international contact with people such as leading Dutch politician & “boy loving” advocate Edward Brongersma & propaganda / campaigning efforts directed towards interest-groups likely to be sympathetic & / or useful to the cause of child molestation.

In 1975 PIE attended a conference organized by MIND, the national mental health organization, where it submitted a 17-page document to the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent in which it proposed that there should be no age of consent, and that the criminal law should concern itself only with sexual activities to which consent is not given, or which continue after prohibition by a civil court.

As a little lad I recall the media storm that blew up when this organisation began to come to national attention. The story I specifically remember concerned an article written by or about O’Carroll & PIE’s ideas in a magazine for social-workers.

The general public were not, it is fair to say, receptive to the message. But its early efforts were by no means in vain however :

In 1975 it was invited to affiliate to the civil-rights advocacy NGO the National Council for Civil Liberties – a status it continued to hold whilst 3 future New Labour politicians of the most senior level held top leadership positions in the NCCL:

Another group, Paedophile Action for Liberation, a Gay Liberation Front offshoot, had also been affiliated to NCCL until it was absorbed by PIE.

PIE, which campaigned for adults to have sex legally with children, only broke off its relationship with NCCL when it went undercover in 1982,

NCCL people were earlier involved in keeping the name of an NCCL council-member, Jonathan Walters, out of the People newspaper when it ran an exposé of Paedophile Action for Liberation, of which he was secretary, in 1975. The People still ran the story, but Walters was not named.

Even more extraordinary is the fact that a current Cabinet Minister was running the National Council of Civil Liberties at the time all this was going on.

The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health, became General Secretary of NCCL in 1974. The very next year, 1975, NCCL invited the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation to affiliate. In the year after, 1976, the now-notorious paedophile Tom O’Carroll was invited to address the NCCL conference, which promptly voted to ‘deplore’ the use of chemical castration treatments for paedophiles.

Also in 1975, Patricia Hewitt joined the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, as a ‘straight’, in the same year that Keith Hose of the Paedophile Information Exchange addressed its second annual conference. Hose moved a motion of censure on the conference organising committee for ‘relegating paedophilia to ancillary status in conference.’ The motion was seconded by Trevor Locke, who just happened to be a member of the Executive Council of the NCCL. ‘An awareness and acceptance of the sexuality of children is an essential part of the liberation of the young homosexual,’ the motion went on. It was duly passed.

Before she became an MP [currently holding the position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party], Harriet Harman was the legal officer in the late 1970s for the National Council for Civil Liberties.

(NB: The National Council for Civil Liberties is one of the ‘eminent’ institutions to which Thomas O’Carroll is referring with gratitude in his ‘Paedophilia: Radical Case’ book).

Jack Dromey, whom Harman married in 1982, and who is now Treasurer of the Labour Party, was also involved with the NCCL. He served on its Executive Committee from 1970 to 1979, so he was there when the decision to invite the two paedophile groups to affiliate was made. NCCL also set up a gay rights sub-committee at the same time, members of which included prominent paedophiles Peter Bremner (alias Roger Nash), Michael Burbidge, Keith Hose and Tom O’Carroll.

PIE hasn’t gone away – it has of course migrated into cyberspace. It still exists on the web under a new name.

(NB: There is indeed a website with a similar name where newsletters from Carl Tom are published under the real name of the author – Thomas O’Carroll:
Michael Jackson: Gone too soon
and to their homepage:
Michael Jackson

Its (ex) members still come to the attention of the authorities :Paedos’ champ arrested
Underage sex campaigner jailed for ‘abhorrent’ child pornography collection

There’s one final full-stop to the PIE story when prosecutions started happening in 1978 :

Five activists were charged with printing contact advertisements [ ] calculated to promote indecent acts between adults and children.
Others were offered lesser charges of sending indecent material through the mail if they testified against the five. These charges related to letters that the accused exchanged detailing various sexual fantasies.

It eventually became clear that one person had corresponded with most of the accused but had not been tried. After the trial, it emerged that there had been a cover-up: Mr “Henderson” had worked for MI6 and been a high commissioner in Canada.

October 15th, 1997


By Nick Davies, The Guardian (UK)

Policemen, social workers and prominent public figures have been accused of belonging to a paedophile ring which indulged in a relentless campaign of physical and sexual abuse in children’s homes in North Wales.

The names of the alleged members of the ring have been given by witnesses in public sessions of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, but they have been suppressed by the tribunal’s chairman, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, who has threatened the media with High Court proceedings if they print them.

The Guardian today publishes for the first time detailed evidence about the alleged ring, which is said to have been based in Wrexham, and to have infiltrated local children’s homes over a 20 year period.

Witnesses claim that members of the ring used their connections with police and social services to conceal their activities. All of the accused have denied the allegations.

Those named to the tribunal include:

A man who bears the same surname as a prominent Conservative supporter. Two witnesses have told the tribunal of a rich and powerful man who belonged to the alleged ring.

The son of an influential peer who admitted to police that he had been having sex with an under-age boy from one of the homes. Despite his admission, he was never prosecuted.

A powerful public official who has previously been cleared of abuse. Six witnesses have given separate accounts to the tribunal of his alleged rape of young boys. Another has reported him attending parties in Wrexham which were supplied with boys from a children’s home.

Two social workers and two police officers, one of whom was accused of abuse on four separate occasions and exonerated each time, another of whom has since been jailed in another part of the country for gross indecency with a child.

More than a dozen other local men, including an executive with a local authority, a senior probation officer and a director of a major company.

The following comments come from the following site: Name & Shame Social Workers

High Level Masons such as Chief Superintendent Gordon Angelsea and at least 12 of his colleagues were “let off the hook” for sexual abuse crimes on children (some of who are now dead) in the North Wales Paedophile Ring Cover-Up.

High Level Government Masons such as Lord McAlpine, ex aid to Margaret Thatcher, was accused by numerous children of sexual crimes in the North Wales Child Abuse Cover-Ups. He escaped public exposure by a specifically appointed Masonic Paedophile Judge.

The following are people known to abuse children regularly, and some of the names will shock you, but i can assure you i would not name them if i were not sure of the information.

Lord Graville Jenner(Labour Peer)

Jenner was accused of raping a 15 year old boy at the holiday in in Glasgow, the night before the boy was due to give evidence, the judge was taken out to dinner by the defense team for Jenner, and it was arranged that the boy was not allowed to Jenner in court as his rapist, or he would be in contempt of court. Jenner won his case and he walked in to the house of commons to a standing ovation by MP’s. I stand by what i have said for many years, the house of commons and Lords are filled with perverts and rapists, and the police and the courts will defend them all the way, as they are all in the same private club.

Lord Kaufman(Labour Peer)

He is well known to police in London for sexually abusing young boys, he likes them under 12 when he can get them.

Lord Britton(Leon, former home sec when Maggie was in power)

He is very well known for raping young boys. The police raided his house when a young boy staggered in to the street half naked, and when police asked what happened he told them about Britton and his friends and took them to the house. When they called in to report what happened , they were ordered to take everyone in, and when they got there there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The boys were paid off, and a short time later, Leon Britton was summoned to meet his fellow MP, William Hague on the beach in Brighton at 5.45 in the morning, where he was told that he was to be made commissioner for the UK, and he would not be allowed to be in politics again in the UK. That was how he became commissioner and he stayed there for many years, until the corruption inquiry went ahead, which saw a large number of people from different countries being made to resign.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair(Tony Blair,former PM of the UK)

He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.

Edward Heath(former PM of the UK)

He is very well known for his perverted abuse of young boys. I spoke to one of his victims and he told me about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.

Lord Robertson(Former head of NATO)

He is very well known to police in the UK. He was removed by the US government because they found out about his perverted taste for boys. They were going to expose him if he did not resign, so we got the”I’m resigning for family reasons bull shit)Robertson is a dangerous predatory paedophile, but as bad as the one i am about to name next.

Lord Hardie,

The former Lord Advocate for Scotland, is a known paedophile, who some years ago had his BMW stolen by 2 victims, when they were caught, Hardie told the police to let them go, and he did not bring charges against them. Why would a judge not charge them with theft, unless they had information which would destroy him.

Lord McAlpine,
Former treasurer of the conservative party.

He is known to the police in the UK and abroad, for sexually abusing young boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then they simulate burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin, the child is screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told due to being so scared of being put in the coffin again. This person is alleged to have murdered at least 2 boys and buried their bodies on his estate. I got this information from a police officer who was involved in investigating McAlpine, and he is certain that he has committed murder several times, but he is to well protected to get him….

READ MORE: “Loch Ness Monster” — the Scottish paedophile nexus

I know that the above is too serious a case to both ignore or completely fall for without double checking. Let us keep an eye on this information and try and get the necessary updates.

Thank you Helena for your generosity sharing your investigation!